Shandong Yaohua Glass Co., Ltd

Yaohua Glass provide all kinds deep-processing glass for different architectural applications, like tempered glass, laminated glass, insulated glass jumbo size glass and fireproof glass and…

Panel - Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Project Services Consulting Building Envelope Consultant Façade Design Consultant ...
Vision Industry(Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Vision Industry Shanghai Co., Ltd was founded by the owner who has nearly 20 years ‘sourcing and supply chain management experience in mechanical parts and…

Extrusiones S.A.
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Extrusiones S.A. is a manufacturer of customized engineered rubber and thermoplastic solutions for glazing applications from storefronts and window walls to unitized curtainwalls. Focused in…

Looking for large order of product equivalent to Dow 123 Strip silicone membrane. Require 12″ wide sheet, large quantity.

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